Racing, Medical Treatment and Feeding System

Racing System = Nest System for Cocks and Hens

In the beginning of March  the pigeons of the racing team are mated for the first time. The racing pigeons
may sit on the eggs about 5 days. Then the eggs of the best pairs are transferred to the breeders and the 
racers are separated.The training starts when the weather is good and every time the pigeons get back 
from a training flight the hens and cocks can be together until the evening ( depending upon the gravity of 
the race ). One month before the day the pigeons are basketed for the Barcelona Race, the racing pigeons 
are mated again, so that they have small youngsters in their nests when they 're off to Spain. The old pigeons 
( 3 years and older ) race Barcelona ( 1.102 km ), the yearlings Limoges and Narbonne.

When coming home from the race the pigeons are allowed to bring up 1 youngster and they get a new nestbox 
which gives some older pigeons the opportunity  to be raced again from Perpignan ( 941 km. )with another nest.
Perpignan is the final race of the season. Cock and hen bring up their youngsters and are allowed to breed for 
about 10 days before they are separated so that the moulting can begin.

Young pigeons only go in for 100 km and sometimes 200 km training races. I prefer them to race 1  National Race:
it's not a must for the  young pigeons to  win prices.

The Medical Treatment System

A severe selection and a limited number of pigeons strongly reduce the use of medication.In the period preceding 
the racing season the pigeons are treated against trichomoniasisand, eventually,  the respiratory system is also
cured. After the racing season the pigeons are given a preventive treatment of 8 days against paratyphoid.The 
pigeons are treated with products of  Belgica - De Weerd. Click to visit the website: Belgica - de Weerd 

The Feeding System

The whole year through the pigeons receive a light standard mixture and depending on the period of the year 
some pure corn,depurative mixture, super diet mixture or condition seed is added.All the pigeons in the loft eat 
and drink together and I try to keepeverything as simple as possible. As I have a daily job to earn my living  this 
method requires more than enough work.

Additional products are found as much as possible in nature: I frequently use garlic, tea, elderberry,cider vinegar,
germinated cereals and Omega 3 oil.

Vitamins are seldom added to the food and a long time  ago I stopped looking for the so-called wonderdrug:
long distance racing means that the pigeons must have the inbred capacity.