Record of Achievements

National Top 100 Results

Up to and including the year 2024

2ndNat. St. Vincent20051st National Zone
2ndNat. St. Vincent2007 1st Provincial (Irun)
3rdNat. Agen20215th Internat. 2nd Prov.
7thNat. St. Vincent2005
9thNat. Barcelona20141st Provincial
11thNat. Barcelona20051st Provincial
11thNat. St. Vincent20021st Provincial
12thNat. Narbonne2019
13thNat. Barcelona2021
13thNat. St. Vincent2019
13thNat. Narbonne2012
15thNat. Narbonne2022
17thNat. Perpignan2023
18thNat. Narbonne2022
19thNat. Barcelona2024
22ndNat. Barcelona2022
25thNat. Barcelona2024
27thNat. Perpignan2008
28thNat. Narbonne2022
28thNat. St. Vincent (Soustons)
29thNat. Agen2021
32ndNat. St. Vincent (Soustons)
32ndNat. Barcelona2015
33thNat. Agen2023
37thNat. Narbonne
37thNat. Narbonne
40thNat. Narbonne
40thNat. Narbonne
43rdNat. Narbonne2021
44thNat. Agen2021
48thNat. Barcelona
51stNat. St. Vincent
52ndNat. Narbonne2023
58thNat. Perpignan2023
58thNat. St. Vincent
62ndNat. St. Vincent
63rdNat. St. Vincent
63rdNat. Agen2021
64thNat. Narbonne
65thNat. Narbonne
65thNat. Narbonne2020
67thNat. Agen2021
75thNat. Narbonne
76thNat. Narbonne
78thNat. Narbonne
87thNat. Narbonne2020
89thNat. Barcelona
93rdNat. Narbonne